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Scott's Guitars

Scott's most recent guitars are custom made double neck guitar made in collaboration with Musician Luither and all around kindred spirit James Smith - an all acoustic model and a similar style made for jazz with floating bridges.

Paul Woolson

Acoustic Guitar Magazine Paul Woolson Double neck guitar made for Scott Stenten 2010 Paul Woolson Double neck guitar made for Scott Stenten 2010 Paul Woolson Double neck guitar made for Scott Stenten 2010 Paul Woolson Double neck guitar made for Scott Stenten 2010


Paul Woolson went beyond his standard offerings to create this completely custom double-neck guitar for Scott Stenten. The instrument has Taylor ES electronics and a fingerboard that includes slots for the installation of Capo Clips (

Acoustic guitar magazine- March 2011

Double Taylors Martin double Scott Stenten

In 2008 I began using a double neck guitar made of two separate guitars a Baby Taylor and a Taylor 314CE I did this because this was the only way I knew how to have a double neck guitar with the Expression System. They come apart and are held together with magnets.

I Fell in love with the Taylor 314 CE's with the expression system. These wonderful guitars have the cleanest, richest sound I have ever used especially for playing live and recording. The clips on the neck of the guitar are used to capo selected groups of strings. These can be adjusted to be in any key and let me pull off or strum to open strings with only one hand. These large clamps have since been replaced with small metal clips.

Before creating the Taylor double neck I combined two Martin backpackers together to serve as a portable acoustic practice guitar.

The Klein 17 String Acoustic/Electric

Klein Guitar

Steve Klein is widely regarded as one of the most innovative Luither's on the American scene. His instruments are strikingly radical in both appearance and construction. His individual approach to bracing, bridge design, and woods allow him to create guitars with a highly distinctive sound and feel. He has made guitars for such leading players as Steve Miller, Michael Hedges, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, Bill Frissell and Andy Summers. Klein has been influenced by the concepts of acoustical researcher and physical chemist Dr. Michael Kasha whose theories have also had an influence on some classical guitar makers.....

The Larson 16 String Doubleneck Archtop

Larson Guitar

Made by Chicago Luither Brad Larson this doubleneck archtop guitar weighs about 17 LBS. It has a spruce top, maple back, sides and necks. It has eight strings per neck. It has 3 pickups on the upper neck and two on the lower neck. To help make the lower neck more accessible to my right hand, it is set into the body by about 7 and ¼ inches. The pick-ups are mixed together by a Midiman 6-channel mixer, attached to the top of the guitar. It has small Korg guitar tuner mounted in between the necks. The tuning and pick up configuration has evolved over time. It has proven to be durable and adaptable to a variety of musical needs.....

The Larson/Ibanez Doubleneck Detachable

Detachable Guitar

Made by Luthier Brad Larson from Chicago, this Double Neck guitar is a combination of two guitars. It was made by mating an Ibanez AM 100 Semi-Hollow body 6 string guitar to a specially designed 6 string solid body guitar made of Maple by Brad Larson and cut to fit the Am 100's lower contours. The AM-100 has 2 pins that fit into sockets in the Larson solid body. The guitars are attached and detached with the turn of two screws. The Ibanez uses stock pick ups while the Larson uses a regular EMG humbucking pick up. A small jumper chord is run from the AM-100 into a jack on the Larson and out from the Larson to an amp. I wanted a warmer sound than I found on the commercially available double necks and by having the lower neck set into the body about 7 and ¼ inches it was easier for my right hand to reach different positions. Sacrificing speed to get a thicker sound I began using 12 and 13 gauge string sets.

Scott's Guitars

Scott's Guitars

Scott's Guitars

Paul Woolson Double neck guitar made for Scott Stenten 2010